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Early Summer Garden 2014

WOW, it is getting hot around here.  The warm weather plants are loving it.  The cooler weather plants like cilantro, lettuce and some herbs are starting to bolt. All in all this is going to be a successful garden year.  Most of the structures are built, the watering systems are in and the plants are established.

Blueberry plant

Decorative colored corn

The side garden view.
 I was so excited when the grape vines I uprooted this spring took to their new spots and started branching out.  I might even have some grapes this year!
Chives, marigolds and cilantro

Kale and radishes in front


Keep planting lettuce all summer long so you never run out.

Snap peas

The fully enclosed strawberry planter is working super well


I planted lots of zucchini this year because I plan on dehydrating it into chips and powder to using in baking.  There are lots of zucchini lasagna and bread recipes I am excited to try.

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