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GF Bread Review

Our local COSTCO is selling a gluten-free bread now.  My husband bought a two pack last week.  I was skeptical about the bread because of how small it looked, how grainy and seedy it was.
 This bread is from ESSENTIAL BAKING company.  If you want to find out more about it  The price at COSTCO for a double pack is around $9.
The essential baking company has a whole line of GF breads on their site.  It is worth looking at.  You can order directly from the site.
 The kids and I found the bread to be quite tasty.  The seeds on the top fell off immediately.  The texture of the bread is that of a normal multi-grain.  The carbohydrate count is 15g per slice.  So far my daughters blood-sugars haven't reacted horribly to this bread. 
We had tuna sandwiches.  It was nice not having to make my own bread and whip this sandwich up super fast.  The claim on this bread is that it can last on your shelf in the pantry for months because of the revolutionary packaging. 

 Here is the ingredient list:   Filtered water, mixed seeds (sunflower and flax seeds), rice flour (white, brown and sweet rice), egg white, hi oleic safflower oil, tapioca flour, sugar cane fiber, granulated sugar, yeast, pear juice concentrate, plum puree (prune juice concentrate, dried plums), modified cellulose, salt, xanthan gum, baking powder (glucono delta lactone and calcium carbonate), cellulose gum, orange citrus fiber.
*Contains Egg Whites

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