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The heat is growing the bell peppers and tomatoes well. The zucchini and squash wilt during the day but seem to recuperate during the evening.  I am trying to grow flowers randomly around the garden to encourage the bees to visit and it just looks pretty. 
Bell Pepper
Butternut Squash
I am going to plant my fall pumpkins where I just took out the garlic and onions. The onions didn't do to well.  Maybe I planted them too soon, maybe they didn't get enough water, I have no idea. Super disjointed with them. 
Lame Onions

I have been keeping the lettuce going all summer by planting new rows each month.  It is worth it to keep up the lettuce for that fresh salad whenever I want it.  I have the lettuce planted in the shade....that helps a lot during the summer.  The lettuce will go to seed early if they feel too much heat.
Lettuce and Greens

The sunflowers are ripe and I have been giving them to the chickens to supplement their feed. 
Awesome Sunflowers

Decorative Sunflower

The corn was an failure.  The chickens were attacking the plants and I must have had some bad seeds because most of them didn't sprout. The Indian corn did pretty well.  It was a specialty and I kinda planted it at the last minute.  I was hoping for more but was excited with what I got.
Indian Corn

I am still harvesting beets that were planted over six months ago. They just keep growing and growing.  I have so many of them I will probably dehydrate and powder them to use in smoothies during the winter.

The cucumbers are growing, our future pickles......

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  1. Beautiful! Nothing really shows that the summer is in full steam as the bloom of lovely sunflowers, which are my seasonal favorites. That peculiar colored decorative sunflower looks adorable. Anyway, all your produce looks great, especially the beets. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures with us. I wish you all the best!

    Bethel Woodard @ Sollecito