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Carb-Free Lettuce Wraps

Sometimes living with Type 1 Diabetes is hard.  Like when your bloodsugar is high and it's lunch time.  We have come up with the low-carb lunch.  There is some prep to do but the end result is worth it.  This can be packed in a lunch-pail or spread out on a beautiful tray.  The more attractive you make it look the more kids/adults will want to eat it.  We like to eat beautiful things don't we. 
 First wash and dry your lettuce leaves and set them aside.  Prepare your other ingredients, chopping and slicing.  I have compiled a list of kid-tested ingredients that are low to no-carb. 

*lunch meat
*cheese slices
*peanut /nut butters
*egg salad
*bell peppers
*shredded carrots

You are not limited to this list, there are so many healthy options. You can add mayo, mustard, and other sauces too but be sure to keep track of the carb count as it can add up fast.  Let me know if you have any more good ideas for fillings.

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