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Snacks on the road

While traveling the one thing that gets me every time is the rate at which the kids consume snacks.  The kids get super hungry while sitting still for 5 hours.  So I have devised some gluten, dairy, soy-free, and low carb snack ideas.  The key to travel snacks is to make them complex so it takes the kids a longer time to eat them. 


Pop corn is super easy to make, and you can put any topping you want on it.  Package it up into ZipLock bags.  The bags can be used for trash later, you always need a bag on a long car ride.



Trail mix, you can go CRAZY with the numerous ideas you can fill a bag with here.

 This is my weight and carb chart for my mix.

Here are some more ideas to mix into your trail mix.  Carbohydrate counts are on the left.
 All measurements for carb counting are in 1/4 cup for the following ingredients.

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